About Matasukha

The soul of India settles in the villages. My village, “Matasukha- A place where people are healthy and happy with the grace of a goddess” is one of the oldest villages in the western region of Rajasthan state of India. In ancient times there used to be a temple of goddess in this village and people were used be live their lives happily with prosperity, joy and without any external fear. Being in the 21st century, the people of this village are calm, productive and successful and do full justice with its name. The village itself is an example for unity in diversity. Every person of this village, no matter whether he/ she belong to any religion, equally participates in any religious festival on function. The entire village is covered by temples.

As the world is moving towards adopting new technologies, the young generation of Matasukha is not behind with it. They are succeeding well in the area of IT, Science, Agriculture and other business oriented sectors. We feel immense pleasure in looking our village on web. I got the change to capture some of the nice and enjoyable moments in my camera which I would like to share with you through this blog. It gives me immense delight to put my brothers, sisters, respectable gentlemen and ladies of the village in loop of electronic communication. I would request my readers to share about their unforgettable past moments with me and so that we can precede one step ahead in making our golden village visible in a true sense. I do believe that today there is the best medium through we can keep our sweet memories alive even after being a quite detached from home.

There is a significant difference in taking educations in village schools and modern English medium schools in urban cities. I still find that rural education a lot better in many ways. We really miss taking classes under the banyan tree in hot summer, setting fire to litter of plants in chilled morning on the way to school, taking off cloths when passing through canals in rains, playing glass balls after taking bunk from school, waiting for water on the well to satisfy the thrust, smell of send and many more interesting things ;when I recall those moments sitting in my office, a sincere smile comes to my faces and sometime a few drops in form of joy in my eyes.

Keep Smiling:)

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